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Sharing Grandmothers

Sharing Grandmothers is an original, multidisciplinary piece that features two female artists – one from Africa and one from the African Diaspora – who are songwriters, musicians, storytellers, and dancers, as well as culture bearers of traditional Black artistic practices. The project brings together two multidisciplinary artists who each embrace a rich cultural heritage and […]

If you’re going to pull a knife, USAlo

“If you’re going to pull a knife, USAlo” takes us to a visual plane where petroleum contaminated marine life frames the scenic horizon. Together with Samuel Beckett, the work reinvents the illusion of Ulysses’ mermaids and thrashes out issues of lost love between a petroleum platform worker and a Disneyworld character actress. “If you’re going […]

Between 2 Waters

“Entre 2 Aguas” is a theater piece co-produced by FUNDarte (Miami, USA) and La Saraghina de Stalker (Extremadura, Spain), with artists from both countries. Written by playwright Manuel De, and directed by Carlos Caballero (Miami), the play will be performed by actors Mabel Roch and Eugenia Sancho, both based in Miami. It is supported by […]

Writing in Sand

Writing in Sand, a multidisciplinary stage production directed by Carlos Caballero, featuring actress Mabel Roch, choreographer and dancer Lucia Aratanha, musician Inez Barlatier, and the writing of Griselda Ortíz, opens a dialogue that explores themes of displacement, immigration, trauma, personal crisis, and assimilation as a mirror of Miami itself. Three female performers – one Cuban, […]