Sipping Fury from a Tea Cup

Sipping Fury from a Tea Cup conceived by Elizabeth Doud and Jennylin Duany in collaboration with Carlos Caballero.

 Sipping Fury from a Tea Cup is a tale of a woman, a tea cup, and a roiling pot of fertility, mutiny, destiny and honey bees, which takes place in a not so impossible future when there are no honey bees left and our pollination systems become fantastic, reckless and uncertain. 

Imagine a world where there are no longer any bees. Imagine a day when the pastures of plenty that we think of as guaranteed to us cease to mature into fruits and vegetables.  Imagine a day when you only have enough viable soil to fit into a teacup. 

In the absence of these principle pollinators of the edible species we rely on for our food, and for our food’s food, the anti-heroine of our story toils in the search for revived fertility for her and the planet. This multi-disciplinary performance work explores the mystery of the disappearance of bee colonies (known as Colony Collapse Disorder), and what lengths one might go to in order to rescue our planet’s best and most threatened fertility mechanisms. 

Dates & Times

Saturday June 5th – 8:00 p.m. at Byron Carlyle Theater (50071 ST Miami Beach FL 33141)

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